A necessary summer rite of passage is the road trip, preferably done among a bunch of friends with little planning, only a vague destination in mind, and no hesitation. Crank your music and revel in the open road because soon you won't be able to do this anymore; you'll have a job and responsibilities. Taking a week of your summer to get unhinged in a moving car traveling to parts unknown won't forever be an option.

While it is, though, ensure that you'll have a road trip to remember. We know planning shouldn't be emphasized here, but by stocking these 10 road trip essentials in your ride, you'll hedge your bets against disaster. And we mean true disaster, not what passes for disaster but is really just fodder for a great story once you're off the road and back in the world. Throw these items in your car. Then we encourage you to shut off the part of your brain that says "no" most frequently.