If you're wondering how much longer The Office is going to last on NBC, consider this bit of news: Deadline reports that star John Krasinski will team-up with Aaron Sorkin for an HBO miniseries about the Los Angeles hotel Chateau Marmont. Does that sound like the type of project a television sitcom star is going to have time for? Which is to say that whether Krasinski stays with The Office for another season or another ten seasons, it's clear the dude has an exit strategy.

The miniseries is a personal project for Krasinski, who apparently lives so close to the famed hotel that he holds meetings there. "I almost feel it's my extended living room," he told Deadline in a totally not humblebrag-y way. Not only will it tell the story of the Chateau Marmont, but old Hollywood as well. Krasinski hopes many of his famous friends will make appearances over the course of the eight hours, while he'll take a role in the film as well.

Krasinski is producing with Sorkin writing the script. Of course, Sorkin also has the HBO series More As The Story Develops coming down the pike, so maybe this miniseries arrives on television in 2013? 2014? Whenever it does finally come to fruition will be a good time; it sounds fantastic.

[via Deadline]