La Maroquinerie (23 Rue Boyer)

Lucille Tee: It’s a downstairs club that we’ve played a bunch of times. They have international artists. J. Rocc, Madlib, they've all played there.

Fablive: It’s a really good club and restaurant, it’s a really good French place.

Lucille Tee: You go inside and it’s a courtyard. The club’s on the right and if you continue [walking] there’s a space to eat outside/inside. They usually have DJ’s mixing before and after the shows. That’s free if you eat, but most people who come there are gonna go to a show. And it's great that you can drink and smoke.

You have a balcony where you can stand around, and you’re very close to the stage so it’s a really nice place to see artists.

Fablive: It fits about 550 people.