La Baratin ( Rue Jouye Rouve)

Lucille Tee: “It’s in the neighborhood as well; you have to walk like 15 minutes. [The hills] seem like they're never ending.

[This restaurant] is a teeny little hole in the wall that's supposed to be one of the best wine cellars/bars in Paris, but it’s a restaurant as well.

I had an entrée of raw fish with smoked vinegar sauce and sliced black radishes with raspberries on top (Le bar cru au framboises).

Lucille Tee: "Also recommended, the Boeuf Borguignon. You have to marinate the meat for a very long time in wine. You get a sort of stew. They make really traditional things and some crazier entrees. This a great place to go if you want French cuisine that's not overpriced. It’s like 20-22 euros, which would be $30.”