Inspiration can come from unusual places, like, say, Kristi Yamaguchi. You might ask, "What the hell does an Olympic gold medal figure skater from the early '90s have to do with anything current?" Well, today she releases Kristi Yamaguchi: Power Workout, her debut fitness video. That's right, now she's a video workout instructor.

Instantly, we wonder how she stacks up other famous women who've made fitness videos. Is she the hottest? Um, no. But she isn’t the worst, either. (Have you seen that she-man, Jillian Michaels?) So we did what we do best: We gathered some research and made a list. From the hot MILFs to the new school cuties, we count down The 25 Hottest Workout Video Instructors of all time. Trust us, you’re going to work up a mean sweat over here.

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