Some movies are so evil that viewers are left wanting to take showers and schedule Pixar marathons. And then there’s Thriller: A Cruel Picture, a Swedish eye-gouger that sets the gold standard for unapologetic depravity.

A naïve girl named Madeleine trusts a charming stranger, heads back to his crib, and gets drugged up and injected with more heroin than an entire shooting gallery's worth of junkies. Her captor then invites a series of men and women over to have their ways sexually with the kidnapped girl. Each week, she’s given one day off, and it’s during those free days that Madeleine teachers herself how to fight and shoot guns.

Once she lashes back against everyone who’s screwed her (literally and figuratively), Thriller: A Cruel Picture becomes less concerned with graphic sex and focuses more on hideous violence. What solidifies the movie’s high placement on this countdown is director Alex Fridolinski’s morbid craftiness: For a scene in which Madeleine’s eyeball gets plucked out, Fridolinski ripped an eye out of a real-life cadaver and filmed it. Makes you appreciate the cheesiest of CGI, doesn’t it?