You can't talk about food very long in Austin without trailers coming up. This may seem to discredit Austin as a food city, unless, of course, you've been here and sat down with a forty and a taco or three and spent some time sweating with your friends. That particualr religious act remains unique to Austin, though a few other cities further west can worship beside Austinites. Combine trailer love with taco love that borders on DSM IV levels of addiction and you've got a movement.

Everyone's got opinions about taco joints—the walkable spot, the midtown spot, the drive all day to it spot—but that said, somehow there's never been a legitimate list of the mothers contending for the top. So, here in all its biased and impassioned glory, to deconstruct, salute, and keep you up at night: The 10 Best Taco Trucks in Austin, Texas.