Last night, the ever-dapper Big Boi met with press to discuss his latest venture, a partnership with Crown Royal, the blended Canadian whisky famous for the purple bags its packaged in. Crown Royal Black is the latest variation they've issued, and Big Boi designed the bag. It will be available for a limited time starting in June.

Walking into the small, roped-off area where he was to speak with the press, Big left his sunglasses on. He was serene. A photographer informed him that they were going to shoot some candids. In his syrupy voice Big announced, "Let me be candid," before leaning back into the couch. After this, he spoke.

Big Boi on Crown Royal:

"I remember the [Crown Royal] bag from when I was a kid. My grandfather used to keep change in the bag, and we’d take change out the bag and go to the candy lady and buy candy and sodas and chips. Then we’d get asswhippings after. That was my first recollection of the bag. So when they came and asked me to design it, I was like, ‘Word.’”

On his preferred way to drink it:

“We’ve tried it a couple different ways at the house, just mixing it up, but I think my favorite is with apple juice. We like to call that a Kinfolk. What I’ve learned is that the apple juice cuts the edge off. I like to use Martinelli’s apple juice. Real good sippin."

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