Depending on certain cultural phenomena, you could predict what baby names may pop up in the not-too-distant future. For example, we can assume that, in about five years, there are going to be a few more kids named Barack running around. However, we never thought we'd see a baby named after a Facebook function, but alas, here we are. 

According Israeli news site Galgalatz, an Israeli couple has named their newborn daughter "Like", after the—you guessed it—Facebook Like button. The parents, Lior and Vardit Adler, reportedly wanted to name their daughter something unique, and after weighing a bunch of other options settled on Like because it sounded "modern and innovative." 

Speaking to Galgalatz, Lior says the name isn't crazy at all: "In our opinion, it's the modern equivalent of the name Ahava (Love). It's just my way of saying to my fantastic daughter, 'love'". When compared to the names of the couple's other two children, Pie and Vash (Hebrew for honey), Like isn't all that strange. 

At least they didn't name one of their kids "Poke".

[Galgalatz via PC World


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