David Mandel, one of the writing warriors behind the recently announced Sacha Baron Cohen-starring comedy The Dictator, has been hired to pen Warner Brothers' new Fletch reboot.

The former Seinfeld joke writer beat out several other higher-profile writing types to grab the assignment. Mandel's job will be to take Gregory McDonald's mystery novels, which featured investigative reporter I.M. Fletcher (originally played by Chevy Chase), and rework them for new audiences. The studio picked up the movie rights in February and Warner Bros. definitely wants something that will be a bigger box office bonanza than either Fletch or Fletch Lives, one of the 50 worst movie sequels of all time.

No plot details have been given yet, and no director is attached, but the project is said to be a top priority for the studio. The path to a re-imagined Fletch hasn't always been a fruitful or easy one. Most notedly, Kevin Smith tried to get the prequel Fletch Won off the ground with Jason Lee in the lead years back, and failed miserably.

[Via Screen Rant]

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