Phillips Seafood [301 Light Street, Baltimore] is last on this list solely because it is a chain restaurant—some chains have to be good, right?—and located in Charm City's main tourist attraction: the Inner Harbor.

On any given day this area of downtown B-more is crowded beyond belief, whether because of middle school field trip visiting the world-famous aquarium or national cheerleading competition participants out on the town after a long day of tumbling. So in order to get to the wonderful crabby delights Phillips offers you must deal with touristy crowds and, worse, touristy prices.

While Phillips’ traditional Maryland crab cakes are quite scrumptious, the real gem here is the crab macaroni and cheese. The three-cheese sauce mixed with juicy, fresh crabmeat and noodles is magnificent and more than enough for one person, so prepare to share.

(If you really don’t want to deal with the crowd in the main restaurant you can always try the Phillips Seafood Express and/or Buffet located in another building in the Harbor—it seems Phillips purchased a whole lot of property here, which was a smart move if you ask me, because even the fast-food versions of their crab dishes are superior to most.)