Neighborhood: West Village
Address323 Sixth Avenue

The IFC Center opened in 2005, filling the screening void left by the exit of the Waverly Theater some four years prior. In the '70s, the Waverly had a strong rep as an art house theater, the place that started the trend of screening cult movies at midnight. In fact, every theater that screened The Rocky Horror Picture Show on a regular basis followed in the footsteps of the Waverly, which did it first.

This beautiful shot from Mean Streets comes during a scene where Charlie (Harvey Keitel) is on his way to a date with a woman who dances at the Volpe. She's black, and he eventually tells the cabbie to drive on rather than be seen with her. He succumbs to cultural pressure and stands her up.

The IFC Center is one of the finer theaters in New York, an appropriate successor to the Waverly, which gradually went to seed in the '80s and '90s.