Neighborhood: SoHo
Address308 Spring St.

Paul can't make it home because he doesn't have the cash for a cab or train. His quest for cash leads right where you'd think: panhandling. No; the film isn't that kind of kooky. Paul ducks into Terminal Bar (coincidence?), hoping to borrow some cash out of the register. But the register is locked and Paul's night only becomes more nightmarish (but that kooky kind of nightmare where you run into Cheech and Chong instead of anything truly life-threatening).

Terminal Bar, located a sizeable number of blocks from Kiki's apartment, calling into question the verisimilitude of the film, is still a bar, though its swapped its generic dive bar status for that of an Irish pub. Emerald Pub has the same two-toned paint job, along with the same fire escape disrupting the facade. According to Yelp, the bartenders are friendly, which doesn't really diverge from the impression given in the film. Chalk this up as another location that retains some of its cinematic character.