Calling Card: Williams and his crew were known for being extremely militant and organized, able to pull off a successful bank robbery in under a minute.
Casualties: None reported, but during one robbery attempt, a security guard was shot in the head, and two police officers were wounded in a gun fight.
Complex Says: For the last decade or so, Chaz Williams has been known in hip-hop circles as the CEO of Black Hand Entertainment, which is the home of D-list rappers like Grafh and Prinz. But before all that, dude was as notorious as you can get. His rap sheet is crazy.

During the late ‘60s and throughout the ‘70s, Chaz was estimated to be part of over 60 bank robberies in areas that range from New York to Milwaukee. Even crazier, he was able to rob banks while still in prison. During a stint in a federal Michigan prison, Chaz was involved with a program that allowed inmates to take classes at the University of Michigan while finishing out their time. Instead of going to college classes, though, he went back to the school of hard knocks by meeting up with his crew and continue to steal federal money.

Eventually, however, prison officials caught on and put a stop to his scheme. But still, how many people can say they robbed banks while inside the clink?