Admit it, you root for the villains in movies. It makes sense—there's something completely badass about someone who doesn’t follow the rules and isn’t afraid to cause pure anarchy.

And how do we know this? It's simple: We're no different from you. There’s nothing fun about a goody two-shoes. Following protocol is for sissies, which is why we got genuinely excited when we found out that today is the 145th birthday of one of the baddest mofos to ever walk the planet, Butch Cassidy.

For the unaware, Butch Cassidy was the leader of the Wild Bunch crew, a squad including some of the most prolific bank robbers of all time, names like the Sundance Kid, Elzy Lay, and Kid Curry. So, as a special birthday present to good ol' Butch, we bring you the 10 Most Notorious Bank Robbers of All Time. Check your pockets after your read this, kid.