2. SECRET WARS (1984-1985)

Writer: Jim Shooter
Artist: Mike Zeck and Bob Layton

What it’s about: An omniscient alien presence known as the Beyonder is fascinated with the heroes and villains of Earth. In an attempt to have them all battle to the death, the Beyonder transports them all to Battleworld and promises the winning side anything that they could ever dream of.

Including heroes and villains such as Captain America, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Dr. Doom, Kang, and Dr. Octopus, Secret Wars is the perfect example of an over-the-top comic event filled with bombastic fights and heroic feats of strength.

Why it’s Earth shattering: Secret Wars is considered one of the first big event comics in history. When it came out it was rare that a book featured every heavy hitter on the company's roster at once, but Secret Wars did it so successfully that almost every comic event has done it since.

But aside from making a boatload of cash, Secret Wars saw the debut of Spider-Man’s alien costume (which eventually became Venom) and also saw the Thing take a temporary leave of absence from the Fantastic Four, with the She-Hulk replacing him.