Writer: Jim Starlin
Artist: George Perez and Ron Lim

What it’s about: Thanos, Marvel’s answer to DC's popular villain Darkseid, finally gathers up all of the Infinity Gems that give him complete control over time, space, mind, soul, reality, and power. And why does he do this? To impress a girl. Well, we’ve all been there. Oh, and the girl is the personification of Death. Thanos always did have lofty standards.

Much like a teenager looking to try out his new car, Thanos tests his new toy by erasing half the life on Earth in the blink of an eye. Like any good comic event, Infinity Gauntlet featured some spectacular super powered brawls between Thanos and some of Marvel's heaviest hitters.

Why it’s Earth shattering: Infinity Gauntlet has one of the highest body counts of any comic event and has been the subject of various video games and cartoon adaptations. It also shined the spotlight on Marvel’s lesser-known cosmic characters like Adam Warlock and the Celestials. While Marvel can't really compete with DC when it comes to space odysseys, Infinity Gauntlet is easily the company's best one.