With summer approaching, it's becoming necessary to find a beer that can carry you through a hot, humid evening. I would die for a heavy stout but when the temperature is humping above 90 °F I don't want to sit outside and pound stout after stout. This wouldn't be a problem if it were easier to find good lagers but the American market is awash with bland-tasting, low ABV beers falsely billed as being perfect summer drinks. All those commercials depicting attractive, tanned people having fun while drinking Corona Light are lies. Here's the truth: Full Sail's LTD 04.

From the moment you begin to pour, this beer advertises its strengths. The bright gold color and light head indicate the lager's lightness. It's well-carbonated and the body is far from heavy, meaning you can glug it like soda. The nice maltiness quickly recedes from the tongue after swallowing so you don't feel like you're slogging through too much flavor, a great quality in a summer brew. But even better is the beer's ABV: 7%. To put it in perspective, Budweiser has an ABV of 5%. LTD 04 will put in work for you

The underside of the popped cap from the particular bottle I drank read "Live the dream." Since my dream is to spend summer pleasantly inebriated without having to swill garbage, I support this otherwise banal slogan. Sure, I'll live the dream with you, LTD 04. I'll take that ride with you.

LTD 04
Full Sail Brewing
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