Today marks 27 years since the untimely death of Marvin Gaye in Los Angeles. Surprisingly, we have yet to see a biopic for the R&B legend who was shot by his own father.

The legendary Motown musician's tragic story has interested many moviemakers, though none of the many projects announced in recent years has seen the light of day. F. Gary Gray (Law Abiding Citizen) has been trying for the past two years to get his film off the ground; Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order) is attached to star as the soulful singer in first-time director Lauren Goodman's tale; and director Cameron Crowe (Vanilla Sky) has tapped Terrence Howard (Crash) as his melody man after working for almost four years to get the greenlight.

Out of all of the films in development, a fourth one, by documentary director Julien Temple (Requiem For Detroit), is the most likely to launch into theaters first. Tentatively titled Midnight Love (after Gaye's 1982 album), the film will focus on its making, while Gaye was living in Belgium—as a drug addict, essentially considered a washed-up star. It's been given a greenlight and an $8 million dollar budget, and principal photography is scheduled to begin in Belgium later this year.

No word on who is being considered for the title role. But share your thoughts and condolences in the comments section below.