At a press conference in New York City this morning, it was announced that Joe Pesci has signed on to play Angelo Ruggiero, a Gotti family deputy, in the upcoming film Gotti: Three Generations. It was also formally announced that Lindsay Lohan is close to playing the mafia don's daughter, Victoria Gotti, but her deal isn’t finalized yet.

As previously announced, John Travolta is set to play the man himself, John Gotti Sr..

The movie will be written by Leo Rossi and it will explore the relationship between Gotti Sr. and his son. John Gotti Jr., Victoria Gotti, and Charlie Cinelli, the family’s lawyer, were all interviewed to shed light on the family ties.

Nick Cassavetes (Alpha Dog) is locked in to direct the film, which will be told through the eyes of Gotti’s son. No one has signed on to play John Gotti Jr. yet

[Via ComingSoon]