For the 3rd Annual DJ Dirrty and RB Birthday Bash, southern emcees Grip Plyaz and Jackie Chain will be on the scene, headlining and rhyming.

Grip Plyaz was born and raised in Atlanta. He's known for his fiercely independent attitude and uncompromising approach to hip-hop. His most recent album is Grip-Hop. Last year, Killer Mike told Complex that Grip was one artist everyone had best keep an eye on.

Jackie Chain grew up in a trailer park in Alabama, but through talent and persistence has become an major underground player (Complex gave him props on a 2009 list of underrated new rappers).

Tuesday, Grip, Jackie and more will be at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, busting mics and breaking down that southern slang.

Grip Plyaz & Jackie Chain
Tuesday, April 26
10 p.m.
Saint Vitus Bar
1120 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn