When we showed you guys the 10 best iPad 2 cases currently available, we looked for products that were both aesthetically sick, and structurally sound. And while all the ones we picked will keep your tablet safe and sound, they got nothing on G-Form's Extreme Sleeve

Made from a material called PORON XRD, the G-Form Extreme Sleeve is able to be soft and flexible while safeguarding your iPad from almost all bumps and bangs. To prove it, the company put together this video of an iPad 2 tucked in an Extreme Sleeve surviving the impact of a 12-pound bowling ball dropped from three feet in the air. It doesn't get any more rugged than that. 

If you're looking to seriously protect your tech, here you go. It's available now from G-Force for $60. 

[Red Ferret via Crunch Gear]