Despite antitrust concerns and an FCC official going on record saying that the merger will be a "steep climb to say the least", AT&T is pushing ahead with its plan to takeover T-Mobile. The country's largest wireless company today officially filed its first supporting documents with the FCC. 

The 381-page document (download the pdf here) outlines how and why it will merge with T-Mobile, saying it will bring rural customers better service and also explains, hilariously, that the merger will help competitiveness in the wireless industry. 

But that's not the funniest part. That comes when AT&T explains that it wants to buy the nation's fourth-largest wireless carrier because it, well, sucks. Seriously. AT&T said in the filing that "T-Mobile is now struggling for relevance in this increasingly competitive market." And that it doesn't have "particularly compelling portfolio of smartphone offerings." 

That's like telling your girl's dad, "I want to marry your daughter because she's unattractive, a horrible cook, and even worse in bed." 

Chris Ziegler and the guys over at This Is My Next put together a really great breakdown of the filing that they'll be updating as they go through it. Head over there to check it out. 

[via This Is My Next