Lyric: "Are there any more imitators in the house? There are though / Bust like NBA Jams and you can have Chicago", "'The new stuff / Creamin' brothas like Breyer's / 'He's heating up!'--nah, brotha, I'm ON FIRE!"

Two separate but equally valid NBA Jam references in a single song? Redman, you so crazy! No seriously, you're crazy. Imagine if a dude these days said they were "creamin' brothas like Breyer's." Other than Lil B, we mean. Regardless, we don't know which line we like more: the I'm-so-bad-you-can-play-the-Bulls-and-I'll-still-beat-you or the announcer catchphrase callout. Since it wasn't a "BOOMSHAKALAKA!" we're gonna go with the first one.