Lyric: "Yeah, get your Wii Fit to practice your freeze with / Need a few weeks before you can compete with / Razor Ramon flow, oh so sharp / You can take Kapowski, I'ma take Lark on my go-kart / Mario Kart skills are outrageous / Play me any day and I'll be the best racist / Wait, no, erase it, meant to say racer / Traded in my cell phone for a new pager"

Professional wrestler name-drop? Check. Saved By The Bell reference? Uh, of course. Possibly unintentional awareness of the furor surrounding his faux-racist-but-actually-kinda-racist tweet? Yup. Plus two different video game references? That's one hell of an eight bars. In that whimisical, not-exactly-rapping-one's-ass-off-but-still-sounding-kinda-good way.