Charlie Sheen may think he’s “winning,” but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world wants to know about it. Luckily for us, there’s now an app for those suffering from Sheen overkill.

The genius plugin comes from a site called Free Art & Technology, which is basically known for introducting cool shit; a few months ago, they posted an an app called Shaved Bieber that basically blocked off any mention of Justin Bieber from Internet clients it was installed into—revolutionary stuff. The site has posted something called the "Tinted Sheen." It does exactly what the Bieber app did when installed, only it’s so much cooler that it makes the Shaved Bieber "look like droopy eyed, armless children."

Basically, all you do is download it to Firefox or Chrome, and then every time the name “Charlie Sheen” or a picture of him pops up, you won’t have to see it. Brilliant! Of course, you might actually notice it more considering it’ll just be a big block of nothing, but it’s cool nonetheless.

If interested, you can download it here. And don't worry, it only works on text and photos, so you can still enjoy our Charlie Sheen Soundboard to your heart's desire.

If you can find it with the app installed, that is.

[Via Free Art & Techonology]