When one thinks of Grease, pleasant memories and happy times are most likely at the mind’s forefront. On the surface, John Travolta’s seminal film is all smiles and pink roses. The peppy musical holds down fort in the annals of classic cinema, mainly because it’s that rare song-and-dance flick that’s admired by men and women alike. Well, guys like us enjoy it—want to fight about it?

Yet, give the movie another look and you’ll notice that Grease has a dark side, at least whenever Betty Rizzo (Stockard Channing) is on screen. First, the callous leader of the Pink Ladies ridicules the angelic Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) for making out with the Pinks’ male confidante, Danny (Travolta). Then, Rizzo gets it in with one of Danny’s pals in the backseat of his car. Unprotected sex leads to her pregnancy, which puts a damper on the film’s mood a bit. Keeping with Grease’s overall perkiness, though, Rizzo channels her angst into a rousing tune, “There are Worse Things I Could Do.” So what if we sing along every time we revisit this flick? We dare you not to.