Nancy Allen gets a pass in Brian De Palma’s beloved Stephen King adaptation Carrie simply for her good looks. If not for her hotness and decision to show the twins in the film’s opening shower sequence, the golden-haired actress would’ve qualified as one of cinema’s biggest scumbag characters. When scary Carrie (Sissy Spacek) finally firebombs the car in which Chris and her boyfriend (John Travolta) are in, it’s totally understandable for viewers to scream, “Burn in hell, tramp!”

With her natural sexiness intact, Allen’s character finds multiple ways to make telekinetic outcast Carrie’s life a miserable nightmare. She leads a locker room full of evil girls in mean taunts against a naked and bleeding Carrie, but that’s not her most heinous act. In the movie’s iconic and brilliantly handled setpiece, Chris arranges for a bucket of pig’s blood to shower upon Carrie as the victim is accepting her prom queen honors.

By dousing Carrie’s moment of glory in oinker fluids, Chris inadvertently brings out the weirdo’s own naughty side. The result: Carrie traps the prom’s attendees inside the gymnasium and proceeds to massacre the bulk of them using her evil brainpower. And just like that, Allen’s Chris goes from plain old rotten to being indirectly responsible for mass homicides. Way to overachieve!

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