Crazy Quilt

Alter Ego: Paul Dekker
First Appearance: Boy Commandos #15

After Dekker was blinded by a gunshot wound, an experimental procedure gave him his vision back. The downside: The operation made colors so bright and disorienting for him that it eventually drove him mad.

Armed with a mind control helmet, Dekker took the guise of Crazy Quilt and vowed to live a life of crime. Instead of finding success, he was permanently blinded by Robin and continuously captured by Batman, who very rarely broke a sweat doing so.

Perhaps Crazy Quilt’s greatest defeat came at the hands of the Monocle, one of the Flash’s villains, who ridiculed Quilt’s outfit in front of all of the other villains. Quilt just stood there and took it like a chump. Hey, you make your bed...