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Between the Joker, Two-Face, Dr. Hugo Strange, and Ra’s al Ghul, Batman has possibly the most recognizable rogues gallery in all of comics. His most fearsome villains have been the focal point of critically acclaimed comic books, video games, cartoons, and films. And while some villains like Catwoman are set to enter the limelight in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises, not all Batman villains are worthy of such attention.

There are some villains so absurd, so insecure, and so utterly lame that even Batman cringes when he sees them. These are the villains that should never (again, in some cases) light up Hollywood or grace the cover of a video game. These are the villains that are best forgotten. But we here at Complex don't forget the embarassment of others, so here are The 10 Lamest Batman Villains Ever!