The American Justice Department reports that one out of every four kids in grades six through 10 has been bullied. And thanks to the proliferation of video-capturing gadgets—phones, flip cams, even iPods—you can probably watch a good number of them online. However, not every kid that gets bullied curls up into a defenseless ball and prays for their antagonist to go away. Nah, a few brave souls actually—gasp!—fight back. 

Look at Sydney, Australia's Casey Heynes. This 12-year-old (recently nicknamed The Punisher) became the poster child for anit-bullying when he surprisingly body slammed his aggressor, Ritchard Gale, ridiculously hard on the concrete floor. After the entire world watched and cheered, he became a viral sensation. But Heynes isn’t the only person to have been captured on camera laying the smackdown against his oppressor. Watch these 12 videos of bullies getting beat down by their victims. 

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