Three reasons why you should hope HBO picks up the pilot for what is tentatively being called Hobgoblin: Magicians. Fighting Hitler. From writer Michael Chabon.

Chabon -- the acclaimed author behind Wonder Boys, The Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and The Yiddish Policemen's Union -- teamed with his wife, fellow author Ayelet Waldman, to write Hobgoblin, which, per THR, will follow a "group of magicians and con men who use their skills at deception to battle Hitler and his forces during World War II." So, a combination of Harry Potter, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Sawyer from Lost? Is there anyway the entire first season can get sent to us on DVD by this evening? No? Alas.

Anyway, if HBO knows what's good for it, they'll fast track Hobgoblin post-haste.