I spent this week in New York City and my love for this crazy beautiful city keeps growing. The vibe and energy always inspires me to be great. My digital collaboration with Nike for the Mavericks Project brought me to my favorite city to design Bespokes sneakers. I got to entertain two winners who were part of The Marcus Troy Experience and I have to say it was amazing.

I visited a lot of offices this week and got a lot of business done. I keep getting requested to move to the Big Apple and I have to say that I'm contemplating the journey. I ended up at Steve Stoute’s Translation offices, got to spend some time with my friends at Team Epiphany, and hung out with JLP and the homies at Complex. Riding elevators to the top floor of buildings for meetings and constantly beings asked for my government ID can get a bit annoying, but it is the only way things get done. I should be heading to Toronto by the time you read this, so stay tuned for next week!