Fashion designer Marc Ecko has launched a new campaign encouraging people to take action against corporal punishment in classrooms across the U.S. with his new Unlimited Justice initiative. While it may be illegal for any U.S. citizen, prisoner, or animal to be physically punished, it is still legal in 20 states for any teacher or administrator to hit students. That, friends, is a giant F-minus FAIL.  

Over 220,000 students have received abuse in school since 2006 with 20,000 of them actually needing to receive medical attention for their injuries. The main site for Unlimited Justice states that the U.S. is the only industrialized country that still allows students to be hit in schools.

Aside from visiting the main site, you can get even more involved with Unlimited Justice by signing up on the campaign’s Facebook page and you can also get the free iPhone app for the cause. There is also a Twitter petition you can sign by tweeting your message along with #FightThePaddle. And be sure to connect with Marc Ecko on Twitter to receive more updates.

With a new victim reported every 23 seconds, Unlimited Justice encourages you to learn the facts, unite with other activists, recruit everyone you know, activate the initiative, and create awareness!

Paddling in school used to be the norm, but now most of us have realized how ridiculously Draconian it is, which is why this paddling clip from The Simpsons is so funny. The fact that such sanctioned abuse still goes down in 20 states, however, is no laughing matter.

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