Here’s something for our mothers, those archaic Academy judges, and dull studio executives in Hollywood. Academy Award winners Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts star in Larry Crowne, an extremely mellow romantic comedy, minus any raunchiness. So, pretty much, mass audience consumption is guaranteed.

Hanks, who directed, produced, and co-wrote the film, plays Larry, a carefree middle-aged ex-retail employee with dreams of acquiring a B.A. This is where Julia Roberts' character enters as a nonchalant college instructor who eventually falls for Larry’s effortlessly goofy charm. Then, just as most of these types of films unravel, conflicts arise, love recoils, and everybody’s ultimately happy in the end. Even though we haven't seen the film yet, that seems like a foolproof assessment. 

We’re not implying that rampant T&A and hardcore violence are the only high points in cinema, but this trailer doesn’t hint at any formulas we haven't already seen in countless Hugh Grant movies.

We'll see how wrong or right we are on July 2nd.