Back in January two USC film students, Michael Koerbel and Anna Elizabeth James, shot an entire web series using their iPhone 4s. This go-around, the tech-savvy duo is attempting to edit an episode of their series using Apple's new iPad 2


After waiting in line for six hours at an L.A. Apple Store on Friday, they got their iPad 2 and spent the rest of the night editing footage using iMovie. So, what'd they think of Apple's tablet as a truly portable editing station? 

"Apple packed a decent amount of features for our fingertips into iMovie,” James told All Things Digital. However, the team's editor, Fawaz Al-Matrouk, had some hang-ups saying, "On the desktop version of iMovie you can separate audio and video, you can’t do that on the iPad version—so we had to get creative with how we overlapped video with audio clips." But he still thought the whole experience was "really cool." 

Peep the above vide to see a bit of the team's creative process.

[via All Things D