Yeah, I said it. I searched everywhere for a legitimate carryout in Northern Virginia, and nobody could give me a straight answer. I walked into a couple in Arlington asking for mumbo sauce and was met with confused faces. Same story in Rosslyn, Fairfax, and Falls Church. I invite all Virginians to let me know the deal, because I’m perplexed.

Instead, I figured I'd focus on honorable mentions. These are the carryouts that are respected and regularly frequented by people from the city, but just didn't make the big list for one reason or another.

China Wall
415 8th St. SE
One of the cleanest carryouts in SE! That's not really saying much, though.

Wah Mee’s
1604 Rhode Island Ave. NE
If the mumbo sauce wasn't so finger-licking good, you'd have no business in this shady spot.

Eddie Leonard’s
4408 Saint Barnabas Rd., Temple Hills, Md.
Their chicken is a little too sweet for my liking, but friends swear by it. For the sake of the popular vote, Eddie's makes the list.

Howard China
2827 Georgia Ave. NW
All Howard students both fear and respect HoChi. Fear because of the rampant rumors of rats (probably out of towners hating), and respect due to its quality and accessibility.

Kenny's Sub Shop
11210 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, Md.
You already know what the safe choice here is, buddy.


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