After its initial teaser, which stirred up massive speculations among fan boys across the forums, this 30-second Super Bowl preview now informs us that Super 8 (in theaters on June 10th) follows a group of six young children from Ohio in 1979. While using a Super 8 camera to shoot their homemade zombie flick, a catastrophic collision of two oncoming trains exposes the kids to a whole new world of explosions, military interventions, and extraterresterial forces. (Sounds familiar?) Real talk, when Spielberg’s brainchild, Amblin Entertainment, was running Hollywood in the ‘80s and ‘90s, this sort of cinematic visual—packed with dramatic special effects, smoothed out with even more theatrical sound—captured our eyes and ears and made us want to hit the theaters and even cop the VHS. With that said, we’d like to give a big sweaty palm high-five to J.J. Abrams for piecing this together with a distinctly throwback vibe, and not shoving it onto the 3D bandwagon, which could be taken as a subliminal shot to other summer blockbusters. Making your audience pay extra bucks for disposable plastic glasses doesn't always accelerate a movie's quality. A RZA "Bong!" to that.