2000 University Ave. (Berkeley)

Au Coquelet is a nice, quiet coffee shop where a lot of Cal students go. Quite possibly its only claim to hip-hop fame is that Lyrics Born wrote his first solo album, Later That Day, there, a very Lyrics Born thing to do. If you know LB at all, you know he’s a quiet, unassuming guy when he’s not on stage. You would never imagine he’s this internationally-known hip-hop star and indie record label co-owner who’s made all these amazing records and worked with all these dope musicians. You’d probably just think, oh, here’s a grad student or something. I did a cover story for the East Bay Express on LB in 2005 and he wanted to do the interview there. He bought me lunch; I think I had the cheeseburger.

Lyrics Born - "Callin' Out"