2. Talk about your robot dreams.

Learned from: Grandma’s Boy (2006)
Complex says: It’s hard to imagine this sort of G-spitting working on Mars, let alone our planet Earth. One of the funniest elements in the so-dumb-it's-amazing flick Grandma’s Boy is uber-nerd J.P. (Joel David Moore), a video game savant who fancies himself as an all-powerful robot. Of course, everyone else thinks he’s a power-tool, and, in the eyes of ladies, he's—to quote Jonah Hill in Superbad—"the anti-poon.” You can apply J.P.’s awful robot schtick to any other kind of geek obsession. Whether you brag about high scores in Dungeons & Dragons in front of chicks that autographed picture of George Lucas in front of chicks, broadcasting your inner Poindexter is more often than not self-sabotage.