3. Flirt with another man’s girlfriend while drunk.

Learned from: Leaving Las Vegas (1995)
Complex says: Amongst other grievances to hip-hop, Positive K steered men wrong with his 1992 single “I Got A Man.” In his lone solo hit, for history-avoiding youngsters who think rap started with Puffy’s No Way Out, the Positive one keeps pursuing a lady even as she repeatedly tells him that she’s taken. The whole “What’s her man got to do with me?” argument is BS; you'd certainly be pissed off if some lame dude incessantly hit on your chick. And what’d be even worse than that? If the guy was pissy drunk, which would open the floor up for all kinds of disrespect. Don’t be the guy you’d want to beat the snot out of if the roles were reversed. Bro Code goes a long way, fellas.