You think President Barack Obama has a love/hate relationship with America? No head of state has been loved and hated with equal measure in this country like President Ronald Reagan. Ask a conservative about him and they'll tell you he's God. They won't stop talking about him no matter how deep his dead, decaying penis is lodged in their throat. Ask a liberal (or someone black) about him, however, and they'll tell you that he's the Devil, the worst president ever, and the man who strung their auntie out on crack. Truthfully, he wasn't as good or as evil as either side says he was. On Sunday, ol' "Dutch" would be turning 100 if he were still alive. For the occasion, California is having Ronald Reagan Day, which will be an annual event where Sean Hannity and the three conservatives left in California will get together and celebrate all things Ronnie. Obviously we have to balance out the love with some good old fashion hate, so here's our list of Ronald Reagan's five shadiest moves. What? Don't look at us like that, conservatives! We're biased liberal media over here!