MvC2 might have had more than 50 characters, but this time out is a much more focused experience. There are 32 characters, with four more to be unlocked through gameplay and at least two—Resident Evil's Jill Valentine and tentacled MvC3 favorite Shuma-Gorath—coming post-launch as DLC. (You can actually get immediate access to Jill and Shuma, as well as a T-shirt featuring Shuma and Tron Donne's Servbots from the Mega Man series, by pre-ordering the game through the Capcom Store.) And half of that roster is all-new characters, from Thor and Deadpool to Okami's Amateratsu. Culling the roster down so much was a drawn-out process: Capcom brought their suggestions, Marvel brought theirs, then Seth lobbied for some characters on behalf of fans, then a fourth pass weeded out characters who were either too similar (like Wolverine and Bone Wolverine in MvC2) or posed gameplay obstacles. For instance, Silver Surfer was headed toward being a character, until developers started realizing the downsides of combat—would he be hovering on his board, and as such have to punch downward in order to make contact? The upshot: No more Silver Surfer.