We're not even going to mention the NES console version that doesn't actually exist—ah, damn it, too late! Perhaps they sensed the suckfest that was coming, so Capcom released this 8-bit handheld version of the Rocketeer rip-off. The Metroidvania mash-up played like an NES game, which brought out the 10-year-old in us, minus the whole blowing-in-the-cartridge bit (though the game did allow you to tap the screen to simulate the antiquated process). Damn you, Peach Screen of Death!

FUN FACT: Talk-show host Jimmy Fallon, who helped spread the myth that the game was actually a lost NES title, was included in the game as Captain Jimmy Fallon. We get it, Jimmy: You like video games too. Now shut up and let The Roots play.

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