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#8: HUMPDAY (2009)

Sexual Arrangement: Two heterosexual male friends agree/dare to make a gay porno film.

If you’re the type to “pause” suspect statements at will, you may want to just move onto the next page. For all of us other mature folk, the quirky and lo-fi Humpday tackles a very taboo subject and generates an abundance of laughs. In order to impress artsy bisexual chicks and convince themselves that they are liberated, old friends Ben (Mark Duplass) and Andrew (Joshua Leonard) agree to make the ultimate art film—two straight dudes smushing. Their bravado and discomfort enhances the comedy as the impending money-shots inch closer to reality. As the, ahem, climax approaches, the gravity of the situation weighs the guys down, and several questions (including “Who’s going to penetrate?”) arise. *Cough* Pause. *Cough*