#4: HELLRAISER (1987)

Sexual Arrangement: A reincarnated corpse gets his ex-girl to lure men back home so he can claim their souls.

Horror master Clive Barker’s stories are known for their grotesque balance of gory shocks and sexual perversion, and Hellraiser is one of his best works. Barker wrote and directed this genre classic, recognized more for its mascot, Cenobite leader Pinhead, than its immensely sick premise. After the demon-ish Cenobites kill a guy, he convinces an old fling to lure horny guys back to his resting place so he can slaughter them, drain their blood, and slowly regenerate his flesh. Thanks to Hellraiser, we’ll never go back to a potential hook-up’s place once the bar closes. It’s strictly our crib or the highway.

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