#2: VAMPIRE’S KISS (1988)
Since Vampire’s Kiss is, in fact, a horror-comedy, it’s not all that odd to chuckle during the film; the problem is, though, that Cage’s over-the-top performance leaves you laughing at him. Made over 20 years ago, this bizarre flick was a sign of things to come for the man who’s gone on to make some of the campiest movies of the last decade. He plays a yuppie literary agent who thinks he’s becoming a vamp after a nightclub hookup (with a fox played by Jennifer Beals) leaves him with bites on his neck. His descent into madness is comedy gold, causing a no-holds-barred Cage to make goofy faces and generally freak out. If the online capabilities of today were around back in '88, Cage’s hilarious facial expressions and wide-eyed grins would’ve been killer GIFs.