#3: GHOST RIDER (2007)
In Cage’s defense, you could’ve cast any actor as Johnny Blaze and Ghost Rider still would’ve sucked the big one. Having to go up against a villain played by Wes Bentley, one of the world’s least interesting actors, was bad enough, but not even Marlon Brando in his prime could’ve saved dialogue as inept as “My daddy always said, ‘If you don’t make a choice, the choice makes you.’” Or, even better, effectively called a demon made of sand a “dirtbag.” Though, we’re guessing Cage okayed Blaze’s Cuts for Peanuts hairstyle, so he’s not completely off the hook. When playing a superhero, it’s important to look youthful and vibrant, but giving yourself a little boy’s set of locks just doesn’t cut it.