The Butternuts Beer and Ale website is near intolerable, a cartoon hell with way too many sound effects. That's only a problem to the person searching for more information on this recently opened, upstate N.Y. brewery, though (unfortunately, that person is me). But Butternuts doesn't need a great website; they just need a great bear. Fortunately, that they have. Like the website, the can of Porkslap you hold in your hand walks a fine line between being plain stupid and so-bad-it's-sort-of-hilarious. That depends on your taste in poorly illustrated pigs.

Let's talk particulars: Porkslap Pale Ale is an American Pale Ale with a 4.3 percent ABV (alcohol by volume), which means you can rip into a six-pack and still keep it together enough to holler at whoever you've been scoping that particular evening. Gentlemen, this is invaluable. The smidgen of hops and pinch of ginger gives this ale a slightly sweet, somewhat floral taste. Porkslap finishes so clean it's almost refreshing. Just keep the pig pointed away from you, and you'll have no problem putting these down all night. And did I mention this beer is cheap? Keep porkslappin'...

Porkslap Pale Ale
Butternuts Beer and Ale

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