Director: Simon Rumley
Stars: Noah Taylor, Amanda Fuller, Marc Senter
Complex co-sign: The less one knows about English writer-director Simon Rumley’s visceral devastator the better. Relegated to IFC Midnight’s On Demand channel, Red White & Blue deserved a larger presence—it’s a cinematic sledgehammer that could’ve generated strong word-of-mouth buzz. As is, though, it’s an obscure film to hunt far and wide for if, like us, you’re partial to having the wind knocked out of you figuratively. Unhinged Iraq War vet Nate (Taylor, in a powerhouse performance) falls in love with lost soul Erica (Fuller) shortly before she’s abducted by a former one-night-stand, Franki (Senter), and...we’ve already said too much. Put it this way: You’ll sympathize with a guy as he rips a dude’s face off.